Webkinz Signature Chow Chow | Last One In Stock

Webkinz Signature Chow Chow | Last One In Stock

Webkinz Signature Chow Chow are not only cute stuffed animals, they include hours of fun on the computer. After purchasing a webkinz pet, go to http://www.webkinz.com to adopt it, name it, and create a home for it to play in. Ms. Birdy will guide you through registration at the adoption center. You'll receive your pet's biography letting you know its favorite foods and secret wishes too! Dr. Quack gives your pet an examination and from there you keep your pet healthy by feeding it, playing with it, and buying it things at the W Shop (with fake money). You will automatically receive 2000 in kinz cash (fake money) when purchasing a pet, however, you can play educational games at the arcade or Quizzy's Question Corner to receive more kinz cash. This is one of the hottest and most popular toys of 2010. Webkinz Signature Miniature Dachshund will make a great pet. Webkinz are stuffed animals originally released by the Ganz gift company in 2005. The toys are similar to many other small soft toys, however they come with a special code on their labels that allows access to the "Webkinz World" website to "adopt" a virtual version of the pet for virtual interaction. A Webkinz Signature Miniature Dachshundis a wonderful pet. They are very lifelike and high quality crafted. Signature pets come with special items that regular Webkinz do not provide.

When a user adopts their first Webkinz pet, they are given basic items such as a room, a welcome balloon, a food item, a piece of furniture for their pet, and 2000 in "Kinzcash". Kinzcash is the Webkinz World version of virtual currency. Each pet has levels of happiness, health, and hunger that decrease as time is spent with that Webkinz. They can be increased by feeding, playing with, exercising, and bathing the pet. If these meters get too low, the webkinz becomes sick and must take the special medicine purchased at the clinic. Don't worry though, your webkinz toy will never die, no matter how bad the circumstance.
Much of the gameplay involves the making and spending of Kinzcash. Earning Kinzcash involves playing multiple minigames, including quizzes and arcade games. This virtual currency can then be used to purchase items for your webkinz!
The online game is free to use for one year after the purchase of your first, then a person must purchase another toy to continue playing. There is a grace period of 14 days where users can still access their account after which their account will be deactivated. Members then have a minimum of 30 days to renew their account before deletion. Adopting a new pet will give the user another year of access plus some extra Kinz Cash to use at the W shop!

Webkinz Signature Chow Chow

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